suit riot

It costs too much to 'look good.' I wish I could be presentable without having to break the bank. It ran me well over $500 to get a suit, shoes, and two shirts at Men's Wearhouse yesterday. "So why'd you go to Men's Wearhouse, then? Everyone knows they're so expensive. You should have gone to ______" and insert your high-falutin' know-it-all answer.

Just because I whine doesn't mean I want to hear what I could have done. In some cases it's too late. (Like this one.) And don't tell me that everyone else in the world gets their suits and discount prices and no one but me ever EVER overpays.

I also don't like sales associates. The guy last night was decent enough, but I've been on that side of the fence. I know what some people are willing to say/do to get the sale. The actions of the rest of the crowd skew my trust in the good ones, so I end up defensive and hostile, which gets me nowhere.

I just hate feeling like I got screwed on the economic end.


Frank said...

I bought a Jacket and Pants at Kohl's. It was way cheap to buy them separately. As long as the colors are close, people will think it's one suit. Besides, you can take the jacket off in doors. So take my advise and return your $500 entourage, then go buy some cheap polyester shirts (won't wrinkle) and such.

Be proud that you are cheap.

sixline said...

I thought about that frank, but since alterations have already begun, it's a little late.

And I do like the shirts, they are snazzy. And the shoes are evenly priced with other prices.

I guess I'm just upset that I did it rather than do what you just said in the first place.

Oh well. Too late now.