Episode XI: A New Semester

I started college in August of '02. I went to school that year, '02-'03, '03-'04, '04-'05, '05-'06, last year (Fall '06), and now '07. Plus I went in the summer of '04, so that makes this semester my 11th thus far.

I'm really tired of this.


Chance said...

haha, I hear ya bro. I'm on my own episode XI as well, also my final episode!

Eeyore said...

Let's see. F'95, S'96, F'00, S'01, S'03, Su'03, F'03, S'04, Su'04, F'04, S'05, Su'05, F'05, S'06, Su'04, F'06, S'07.

I'm on episode XVI. I win.