Job hunting updates: Interview with ATK. Good job prospect, way to early to tell. One of those "Tell me about a time when you did something that would impress HR." kinda ordeals. I did well; I felt like I represented myself with confidence and such... But those questions are so unbelievably cursory and plain retarded that I don't have much reassurance that I'm heads and shoulders above or below the rest simply because such interviews can't provide that kind of information. Anyway. I was encouraged by the fact that they don't have heavy technical interviews when they do the on-site rounds. Technical interviews scare the bejeebers outta me. And... France called again... Too soon to tell what's going so I'll keep everyone updated when something concrete comes along. I hate getting back on this roller coaster.

Jerks: Hey, if I'm talking about baseball and how much I like it, and you're not involved, and you walk up and say "How can you like such a boring sport?" odds are I'm going to kick you directly in the babymakers-- girl or boy. Ovaries for girls, and giblets for boys. Shut up. I'm not talking to you. ~KICK~ I like baseball. If you don't keep your big mouth shut. I don't care about your opinion. Nyah. :P



I had a big rant.

I deleted it.

No one likes a whiner.



Good interview for me. Lousy interview for the girl interviewing me. She was extremely nervous. I think she was more nervous than I was. She was an engineer, though, which made things nice.

True to form, I have to find a few reasons to shoot this down before it takes off. (Takes off. Boeing. Get it?) GPA might be a little low. The position is for a signal processing buff, and I did not pursue that portion of EE. She even said "We're looking for more EE background types." I guess she didn't see the big "Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering" at the top of my resumé. She does have a point, though. I'm more involved with embedded systems than anything else. Whatever.

I'm not too sure I want to work in Southern California anyway. The position's in El Segundo, which means extremely expensive life and disgustingly long commutes either via traffic or distance. Let's hope someone from somewhere else calls me.


look up in the sky

This time it is a plane.

Boeing wants to interview me here on campus Tuesday morning at 8 AM.

I might have to switch times given that I have class at that time, but I like being the first person there and I highly doubt I'd get much out of class squirming in my seat about an interview any way.

The career services website says that the job is for El Segundo, CA. I'd like to live there but not at the current price.


news and notes

It's hard to say goodbye to a dream. Dreams are so pervasive in your mind that they 'help' your perception of reality to interpret certain events as supportive of obtaining your dream. There's still room for hope as far as going to France, but Mrs. Sixline and I (me more than her) need to realize that in all likelihood it just won't happen for now.

So we got a dog. He's a miniature black poodle. He's a purebred, but he has a bum hip so we got him for free. We named him Turk. He's a good little puppy; barely 4 weeks old. We've started the potty training, and while he's only left two presents for us I think we're moving along with success. He sleeps in a kennel which helps him learn to hold it. I'm glad we got him.

So now where does the job search take me? I applied for a post yesterday-- not making this is up-- under the title of 'Explosives Engineer.' The position is for Albuquerque, New Mexico at Kirtland AFB. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Outside of that position, I'm not really looking. I don't know, it's just not a pressing matter on my mind. I'm more concerned with actually getting the degree that will be the primary requirement for the job. "So why are you blogging?" I know, I know...