Good interview for me. Lousy interview for the girl interviewing me. She was extremely nervous. I think she was more nervous than I was. She was an engineer, though, which made things nice.

True to form, I have to find a few reasons to shoot this down before it takes off. (Takes off. Boeing. Get it?) GPA might be a little low. The position is for a signal processing buff, and I did not pursue that portion of EE. She even said "We're looking for more EE background types." I guess she didn't see the big "Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering" at the top of my resumé. She does have a point, though. I'm more involved with embedded systems than anything else. Whatever.

I'm not too sure I want to work in Southern California anyway. The position's in El Segundo, which means extremely expensive life and disgustingly long commutes either via traffic or distance. Let's hope someone from somewhere else calls me.


Eeyore said...

Every EE thinks their EE is "the" EE. That's why you'll always be an EE to me! :)

Shaun Carlson said...

That's probably the biggest problem with the major. Wherever there's an electron, you'll find an electrical engineer. And today's age, electrons are everywhere (use-wise. No physics cracks). We're a heavily varied major because it umbrellas so much.

Your difficulty finding a job is starting to get me concerned. I always figured EEs were hot on demand, practically with people fighting for you. I guess I once again wasn't really facing reality. Have you ever considered working for NASA?

sixline said...


Bear in mind this is all very premature. I had trouble finding a job in a country for which I have no visa. I have no real worry about getting a job, it's more of wanting a job I actually like.

I'm crying in my beer, somewhat, on this blog. I think it's going better than my attitude reflects. I've never met a guy from my college who left without a job in hand.