Hello from France!

Mrs. Sixline and I are having a wonderful time. We really miss home but it is really nice to see people and this beautiful country.

Hope to see everyone soon.



I'll be in Ireland and France for the next two weeks.

See ya.


wow i'm sensitive.

I hate the words 'get over it.'

It's not only because I'm a Sally, but also because it seems unfair. I hate being teased for the same mixture of reasoning. Not only do I get all Nancy boy and wanna cry because you're making fun of me, but deep down I feel like "Hey, man, I don't make fun of you. I don't tease you. I don't tell you to get over it. Back off."

It's true, though. I'm sure I tease people far more than I'm aware, but I definitely don't tell people to get over it. I feel like when people are having a hard time (mad, tired, upset, exasperated, frustrated, angry, exhausted, sleepy, hungry, impatient, livid or any combination thereof) they just need their space. You don't need to tell them to get in a good mood, or to get over it. Just give them their space and they'll come around. If they need a day to get over it, then let them get over it. The subtle difference is that you need to remember that there are times when YOU need to get over it. It doesn't feel good being told to get over it, so remember that when you want to tell someone else to do so.

Despite what you might be thinking, no this is not intended as a shot at you. I'm writing this because even though I feel that way, I should remember to be patient and understanding when someone does tell me to get over it. Granted, it doesn't seem very fair (from my perspective) but I am in complete control of the situation. I'm not just talking about the way I react, but if I exert some discipline I can keep situations that elicit a 'get over it' to a minimum.

I can't think of a way to finish this post. It seems jumbled; sorry. I guess in the end I just wanted to vent a little bit, but with the resolve to change the circumstances that create the desire to vent.



they said no.

I had a job interview the other week. It went extremely well. Normally I come away from evaluations of any sort feeling that I've done worse than I really have. This interview was certainly not the case. I came away feeling very certain, and very sure of myself.

In the end, they said no. I'm sure it was just timing. They even asked when I'd be available, and I said "December." They ominously said "We're looking for someone who can fulfill an immediate need." Respectfully I inquired as to the illogical nature of bringing me down for an interview when it's very plain (in big bold letters on my resume no less) that I will not be available until the fall. Quite naturally, they assumed I'd be interested in a co-op or internship. I respectfully declined any invitation to work over the summer due to the pressing (dire) need of my thesis.

I'm not sure how to come out with this one. I felt that I was led to this job opportunity, so I assumed I'd get it. Assumed. Well, the story isn't over yet. (For the record, for those of you who believe in God, am I the only one who wonders when the Almighty is inspiring me and when it's my own whims I'm following? Fine line to follow, and half the time I'm not even sure where it is...)