blogger's block


I had a pretty good post going there for a minute. It took too many twists and turns, and became too cumbersome to read let alone finish writing. It's too bad I'm a horrible writer. Command of language is a desirable skill, I think. It's good I speak English... English is one of the few languages you can completely butcher and not only do most people still know what you're talking about, but very often you can set the tone for speech in pop culture. Unless you're a hick from the 'suburbs' of Baton Rouge, in which case you don't set the tone for anything other than your sister's wedding, which is sometimes yours as well.

Happy New Year, even if I am a bit late.


Frank said...

I don't get it. What does a hick from Louisiana have to do with global domination via English takeover anyway?

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Sometimes my posts get bogged down by my own words, too.

sixline said...


It's a commentary that popular things like "D'oh" and "Don't have a cow man" have permeated into English despite being broken or nonsensical English. On the other hand, broken nonsensical English from backwater hicks in Louisiana generally have a difficult time spreading into popular culture.