What's a sixline?

That's a six line wrasse.

Throughout the years I've had several websites. They've always been blogs, but not in the format that we see here. And they were never pre-cooked templates. I always had do it myself. Anyway, I always had to have a short url. For awhile there, my website www.zyx.net/~mars -- short and sweet.

What does this have to do with a six line wrasse? It's short and sweet.

I like fish. Marine tropical fish are my favorite. I have a 15 gallon reef tank, and I will soon upgrade to a 125 gallon reef tank. A reef tank emulates a coral reef along with the fish who dwell there. The six line wrasse is a great fish to have. That picture you see there is pretty much life size. They have a pecular sleeping pattern. First, they hide under a rock cavity. Then they make a thin membrane of their own mucus that attracts dust and other particles in the water. This bubble protects their scent from leaving the rock cavity and giving away their position to passing predators who rely on their own sense of smell to detect prey at night.

I like that parallel-- the bubble. Since I want this blog to be a process of letting myself outside that bubble, develop thicker skin and accept criticism, I chose the six line wrasse.

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