atheists part trois

After reading a few comments, I think I'll clarify on how I feel about atheists.

I believe there is a God because of personal revelation from Him to me. All that I know about Him springs from communication with the Almighty. It is not meant to be proven, nor can it be proven. It is my choice.

That's what I'm getting at. I choose to believe in God. I choose to have faith in Him. I believe-- I know He lives the same way I know I love my wife. I feel it so deeply that it's hypocritical to deny it.

Within the realm of faith, religious experimentation can be practiced. (Alma 32 being an excellent treatise on that.) Outside the realm of faith, I don't see any conclusive way to say that I know God does not exist just like I know I'm typing on a keyboard.

We can argue perception and existentialism (is the keyboard real?) but I feel that's fruitless. If we're talking about proving the existence of God unequivocally, I don't think it can be done. I think that for God, choice is paramount. We must choose to be humble enough to believe in Him.

Let me be clear: I don't think that God will provide a way to prove that He exists in such a way that now everyone has to change their belief in God to match what has been proven. If we prove that God is Christ, then those who don't believe in Christ have no choice but to believe in Christ.

If you don't believe in God, and I prove to you He's real, then you have no choice but to believe in Him. That's not fair.

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Shaun said...

Yeah. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject as well.