emotional multitasking ii

I have lots of these moments, where I'm feeling several things at once. It seems a lot easier to write them down and sort them out, but the benefit's all mine. Normally I come away thinking "ah, I feel better." when usually the entry is very jumbled.

The thing about today is that I spent some mental energy already trying to organize my thoughts to leave a comment on Paul Allen's blog. It was an entry on how negatively Americans/American culture is viewed abroad because our chief cultural export is trash. (I couldn't agree more, though I take serious issue with why this is so.) He wishes to begin a blog where bloggers would take on the name of famous American historical figure, not pop culture, and blog under their name where the taint of the blog is of the nature of the namesake. For example, were I George Washington, I'd blog as him about the war in Iraq using, to the best of my ability, all the information about Washington I could find. If I drew the conclusion that Washington felt the war should cease immediately, I'd blog that-- even if I personally felt otherwise. Seems like a great idea. Were I a bit better at this writing thing, I'd like to give it a try myself.

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