Always behind the fad.

When I returned from my mission (France/Switzerland) in the summer of 2002, several entertainment blockbusters had hit America and I had no idea. As a missionary, you have the rule of not watching movies or reading books for the span of your time in service of the Lord. I chose to follow those rules. I was faintly aware of the Lord of the Rings and had not heard of Harry Potter before. Then I saw everyone reading the Da Vinci Code. Then awhile later, after I married, the Chronicles of Narnia movie came out.

My family loves Harry Potter. My good friend and brother in law grew up with the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia for bedtime stories. My in laws really digged the Da Vinci Code.

But I didn't give a rip. My threshold voltage was below .7 volts, shall we say. :)

For me, I didn't really have an interest in Harry Potter, for whatever reason. I tried reading the Hobbit several times as a kid, and just couldn't follow it. The Da Vinci Code sounded a bit far-fetched for me as far as its plotline went. So I was just fine without those books, thank you very much. I had no desire to read them at all.

Since then, I've read the Hobbit half a dozen times. It seems easier now that I'm older. I've read all three Lord of the Rings books, as well as the Silmarillion. I enjoyed all of these hobbit/dwarves/elves/men stories immensely. I've read the Harry Potter series to date (6 books, right?) at least 3 times each and even-- you're going to laugh at me-- participated in online debates as to whether or not certain characters are alive/dead, good/bad, or what have you. The fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I first read in French because the dumb library didn't have anymore copies left when I had finished the third. I was that excited to read. Last night house sitting for Kermit (hey, they have air conditioning, a hot tub, and a washing machine. I have none of the three at my present living quarters.) I picked up their storybook edition of the Chronicles of Narnia. It's a beautiful book, with original illustrations as well as beautiful thick paper and binding. So I'm reading those. When I had my fill of the Pevensie children for one night I picked up the Da Vinci Code from their bookshelf and began reading that. The opening prologue was pretty interesting, and I'll probably finish before I see-a the movie.

It takes me awhile to like something. My brother in law is the one who got me into aquariums, althought it took him a good year or so of having me over at his house before the desire really sunk in.

Am I just really that prone to peer pressure? I really hope not.


ubercyl said...

Glad we have all the books you need. Feel free to grab them anytime. I have another beautiful C.S. Lewis volume when you want something with a little more heft. And you did a great job with the house--the vacuum lines were very impressive!

Weston said...

What is this Chronicles of Narnia Storybook Edition? Do you know the ISBN or any other info? I am trying to find this for my mother but cant find it anywhere (amazon, half, etc)