American Export

It seems our cultural contribution to the world largely consists of pre-packaged processed foods.

I'd like to think we export idealism, entrepreneurship, optimism, and hard work, but from what it looks like it's mainly McDonald's, Coke, obesity, and arrogance.

That sucks.

Attention world: There are good and bad things to American lifestyle and culture, just as there are with what you bring to our table. Also, be reminded that our cradle was built by the hands of many different nationalities. We have so much more to offer than 32 oz. of dissolved sugar in a red aluminum can.

Attention America: Let's try to export more of our good stuff than our bad, eh? Read a book. Learn the world map. (Is it true that a strong percentage of us don't even know where Iraq is?) Learn some history. Pick up a few words in another language. Yes, by assimilating the good that the world exports to us it'll help reciprocate goodwill and hopefully, the world will see as as more than a billboard for fast food.

It seems so pink and flowery, but I don't think we change the world, I think we help people change themselves.


Emiliecue said...

while I agree with you here, I will be referring back to an older post. I never comment, because it was not until then that I realized that I could go straight to your blog to comment. I commented through the livejournal feed once, and didn't get a response...so thus, I stopped. :P

I agree with the we help people change themselves, part of why I'm a teacher :D


sixline said...

Yeah, I don't follow LJ, sorry. :)