we regret to inform you...

... that we don't want to give you a job.

~depressed sigh~

About two weeks ago, I began applying for jobs in France. Most French companies have a policy of letting you know within two weeks whether or not they're interested. If they don't contact you within said 2 weeks (sometimes 3) then they ask that you please take that as a piss on your candidacy. Wait, did I say piss? I meant pass. Well, the two are interchangeable, I s'pose. Since it was two weeks ago that I began applying, every day that goes by without a response is practically a pass on me. It's bringing me down. I really want to go and live in France for awhile.

I'm too emotionally invested. Odds are, life will go on and I'll be very happy regardless of whether or not I live and work as an ex-pat. Trouble is, I'm not convinced of that. At least not deep down.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?


Shaun said...

Forget France. Go for the UK!

sixline said...


I like France.

Sarah said...

I bet your resume was just shoved aside by a group of unruly, French line-butters trying to take your jobs. Jerks. But really, good luck.