The Inevitable Harry Potter Post

Harry Potter 5 was bad. Real bad. Not disgusting, but bad. Why was it bad? I'll tell you.

1.) Dumbledore doesn't have the presence that a wizard of his caliber should have. I can't tell if that's his fault or the fault of the director. He just didn't have the smile behind his eyes that said he knew he'd be back in control of Hogwarts. He also didn't have the imposing presence on Voldemort at the end in the Ministry of Magic. The other Death Eaters were supposed to freak out when he got there and run away. Voldemort was supposed to lose his cool and yell things out in his anger-- very telling things concerning horcruxes.

2.) Harry is too much a teenager to understand that Voldemort can't love. That part was just lame.

3.) Kreacher had too small a role.

And that's the top 3. Most everything else is somewhat forgivable, but still, in the framework of these top 3, it makes the film really bad.

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