why uncle sixline doesn't belong in the upper crust

I like classical music. A lot. I like opera music. A lot. Don't ask me to identify it, or tell you my favorite. I have no clue. I can turn on classical music of any kind and really like it. I especially like Mozart's Requiem. I bought a CD of it off amazon.com. It was $9, shipped to my hizzy. I nicked the mp3s off the web, and it's high time I paid for them. (10 down, and about 1000 more to go...)

At any rate, when I shared this news with a friend of mine who's partaken of the upper crust having been an opera singer from New York. (It's also reported that she wears a monocle from time to time, but these rumors have yet to be confirmed.)

Her reaction was typical of 'her type.' (The cultured type.)

Her: Who directs it?
Me: Huh? I'm not sure, but Berlin Philharmonic performs it. (I only knew that having read the description on Amazon.
Her: I don't trust anyone other than Neville McStuffyshirt with Mozart. (OK, so his name isn't McStuffyshirt. But he's British, cultured, involved with upper crust music types, and is probably vitriolic against Americans.)

The problem with the upper crust is that they wish it was the Dark Ages again. When Lords were Lords, Vassals were Vassals, and Serfs were guys like me.

Looks like it's back to potty humor and other low-brow activities for me.


Chance said...

Eek, that bites. I'm pretty similar to you in the "don't make me name it" respect. I'm usually pretty good at faking it, at least I think I am. Maybe they just don't call me on it :)

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Actually, me preferring Neville McStuffyShirt's handling of Mozart makes me a plebe, or one of the unwashed masses. He supervised the music for "Amadeus," which is the plebe's version of Mozart's life.

It's all tongue-in-cheek, Chance. I lost my monocle, and I only STUDIED opera in UPSTATE New York. The closest I got to the Met was attending the premiere of La Cenerentola. Bartoli was amazing, of course.

sixline said...

You went to a Mets game?

Chance said...

lol, nice Chris. But the question is, who would ever go to a Mets game?!?