My blog sucks!


Who am I kidding.

No one's reading this. The only one that does usually hears me blab about my latest post ANYWAY... Bother my lack of audience and bother my need for one to post something that's worth half a penny.

But I don't want to quit. Maybe I should just start perusing other blogs, commenting here and there to try to generate some people that come and visit mine. I also should remove all tracking code so that I don't get depressed that no one comes. Leave a little magic to it, you know?

Oh well. My mom thinks I'm cool.


Ben Crowder said...

While I haven't been very good at leaving comments, I do read every post. :)

Peter said...

i read i too chris-fish

sixline said...

So do you guys think I'm cool, too?

Ben Crowder said...

Yes, of course. :)

Chance said...

I read it! I just usually comment on the LJ version...oops :)