Career Fairs bite.

I went to a job fair last night in place of a friend who was under the knife for back surgery. I suppose he didn't want to make a bad impression being under pain medication, so he sent me... I guess he's not as smart as we all thought. *grin*

I never have enjoyed these venues. Maybe I've got my negative glasses on, but it feels like I can never make a good impression, my GPA's always too low, I don't have enough work experience, people aren't hiring, or... and this is the worst, you're going up against 50 other kids with the same credentials, grades, and work experience. How in the world do you stand out from all them? How hard must've the Depression been?

I hate looking for a job.

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Frank said...

It's the same for me. What is the point of these things anyway? I had never received as much as an e-mail from any of the career fairs which I spend a lot of effort on. That's why I didn't even go to this one.