I love October. October colors are indescribably beautiful. (That photo is from a local canyon, by the way) October baseball -- need I say more? Perhaps the most endearing quality of this time of year is the anticpation of the coming holiday season. I know it gets commercialized, and for many that cheapens the celebration of the Saviour, but I love listening to Christmas music in malls, spending time with my wife shopping, getting excited about gift giving, and all the other joy that comes from Christmas. The only thing better than all that is the feeling that it's right around the corner. October is when it starts to get cold, it starts to snow in the tops of the mountains, when the wind snaps at you at night time, when you start having fires in the fireplace, when it's cold enough to cuddle on the couch during a Saturday night movie, when it's... when it's great.

I love October.


ubercyl said...

I want to be cruising through the mountains in upstate NY this weekend, just taking in the colors. *sigh*

However, the stores started stocking Christmas decorations on October 1. In.Sane. Can't get into it until at least Thanksgiving.

Peter said...

October is good.

Halloween with all the cute kids trick or treating. The tons of candy. yeah, i love it.

Michelle said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog (via the "Next Blog" button). I agree - October is the best month, Fall is the best season. I may be biased since my birthday is in October, but I still love Fall.

Go Cards!!!

sixline said...

Michelle, after last night's game 7, I think the Cards have a chance. Molina's homer was clutch, and I really thought Wainwright was going to collapse on the mound.

Wow. One of the best game 7 endings ever.