Minor update

We watched a fireworks show last night with Scooter and Animal, which are the children of Cyl and her husband. As I mentioned, they took off to Louisiana and it might be another day or so until they can get back, thanks to torrential rains in the Houston/Lake Charles area.

Scooter and Animal are aptly named. When Animal gets keyed up (usually my fault, I play with her too much) she takes awhile to calm down. Scooter loves to argue logic with you. He goes into Platonic description of why now is not the time to clean up-- it's hilarious. I'm amazed a kid can be so young and so smart. He loves trains, too. We watched a PBS program on trains this morning and he was so excited, it was fantastic. I love watching these kids, and this is a great blessing for Mrs. Sixline and I to experience in some small measure what it's like to have kids. Children are a joy.

Tonight we'll be lighting off some fireworks (courtesy of the Battle Mountain Fireworks stand) to make a bit of a show of our own.

By the way... Baltimore played a FANTASTIC game kicking the snot out of the White Sox yesterday, winning 8-1. I thought at first that a split would be great, as .500 play seems to be elusive to the Orioles. After that showing, however, I don't think a series win is out of reach. Josh runs a blog called Since 1954 (the year the Orioles moved from St. Louis-- as the Browns-- to Baltimore to be the Orioles) and I highly reccommend it.

Happy 4th. This nation is the greatest.


Josh said...

Ah, thank you for the shout-out sir. Much appreciated.

Last night was tough, but we'll get em tonight. As long as Cabrera's head is there along with his body.

Odds of that: 12345231:1

Good luck and happy 5th of July!

sixline said...

I changed my mind. After last night's debacle (13-0. Ouch.) I'd like to split.

The only thing that felt good was that the Yanks got destroyed as well.