I lost the One Ring.

Dangit, I can't find my wedding ring! I took it off the other night before I went to bed and got side tracked, making a midnight run to the grocery store to pick up some foodstuffs and other supplies. Now the hordes of gorgeous babes who're just waiting for me to show a sign of availability will... As a good friend once said to me:
Hot blondes don't come after guys like us.

He was right.

On a side note, I found no less than 2 sets of tweezers, one nail file, one set of nailclippers, and one debit card that's been MIA for at least 6 months in the couch cushions today whilst searching for said rings. (The other one I lost is my Masonic ring. Now no one will know I belong to a really cool club.)


Pierre Sogol said...

howdy, thanks for visiting my page! I'm a bit confused though; were you saying that, the bigger the world is, the more people think *I* am a genius? be well,

sixline said...

No, the bigger the word *I* use, the more people think I'm a genius. It was more or less a joke that I didn't get half the post. :)

I'm an armchair philosopher, but my areas of study are engineering. :)

Eeyore said...

That sucks, I am so sorry. And just as you'd gotten them cleaned and shined.

(Kerm--borrowing Fozzie's acct)

Shaun said...

The use of Muppet characters as aliases is quite intriguing to me in your friends. Sorry to hear about your One Ring. Now how will you rule them all?

That's quite an amazing list of other stuff while looking, though. Who knows what else you'll find! Either way, I think you should invest in a metal detector. It's the only logical thing to do at this point. ;)

sixline said...

Shaun, the one ring rules ME. At least Mrs. Sixline does.

P.S. -- I think you're right.

Sporks said...

I lost my one ring a while ago...I think I only had it for about a year. Luckily it wasn't too expensive--if he'd spent a house down payment's worth on it, it would've been much much worse. As is, his ring was more expensive than mine. I know it's not just about the money, but it'd make it that much worse.

Still haven't replaced it =D

PS-I'm scared to look between our couch cushions. I think there may be people living in there.