Wake me up when September ends

I will have a son. No, I didn't do the "WHAT A BOY!" exclamation only to have the doctor tell me that what I was referencing was the boy's leg or arm or something. I'm just glad to have a kid. Knowing it's a boy didn't really make me that excited in the beginning. It was like knowing what you were going to get for Christmas, but not seeing the present wrapped under the tree. Now that Mrs. Sixline is showing, I'm actually excited. I like to come home, rub her small protruding belly and smile. I always ask "How's my son?" And she always responds "We're doing great!" So there's been a lot of schmoopieness at our home in the past few days. Like newlyweds and those who are just falling for each other, I think first-time parents are allowed to be bubbly and excited at this. Just not in public, right? That's right.

So October is here and baseball is full of un-surprises. We shouldn't have been surprised that a Torre managed team with Manny Ramirez caught fire for the post-season. No, Alfonso Soriano, you weren't a part of the Yanks' success. It was all Torre. Steinbrenner, you're a cotton-headed ninnymonggins for letting Torre go. Morons run the most powerful franchise in baseball, it's only redeeming factor... Anyway, the Angels once again were post-season pwnd by the Red Sox, but at least the Rays are not going to back down. They've got swagger and poise, two of the most overused adjectives for young teams that don't know how to lose and aren't afraid bleeding because they've never bled. Boston will have to be on top of it. Unlike most post-season victories which are decided by bullpens, I think the ALCS will be decided by starting pitching. If you can last 5+ innings giving up only 1 or no runs, your team will win. More than 2 runs or less than 5 innings means you're a goner. From the NL I like the Dodgers if the Sox beat the Rays, and the Phillies otherwise. I just would like to see Manny go back to Boston. Very good October thus far. (Moron Cubs. HA!)

Politics, schmolitics. They're liars. Every one of them. I like to check Factcheck.org as of late to see who is full of the most bull. (Thanks Kermit for the link.) It seems as though all the zip and pizazz that McCain had as a follow-your-heart senator are gone. He just seems to be grumpy, and thanks to the media which is full of its own problems, I hear from him very seldom. That wouldn't be a problem except that when I do hear from him, I only hear the point that he's a better leader for war-like tumultuous times. A strong case, yes, but I think that with Obama as the CIC, strong allies like NATO and the EU will be more willing to work with us against Iran, Russia, and possibly China. In fact, I don't think that China necessarily poses a war-time threat to us. We're very much economic bedfellows, and while that's no guarantee, it's better than the pwnage we get from OPEC - half of whom hate our guts.

So yeah, man... life's good.


sixline said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that the snap you see of my firstborn is supposed to be looking up at his bumcheeks and weiner.

Just a little FYI...

Chance said...

Congrats on the son and I enjoyed your postseason analysis!

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Is the title a joke? It's October already.

I am so pleased for Joe Torre. The Yanks offered him a sucker's deal and I couldn't be happier that a) he didn't take it and b) HIS postseason streak is still going. That being said, I sure love my Bronx Bums. I just hate the owners and the new ballpark...

It's not just your first baby in belly that will make you schmoopy. It's every baby. Pregnancy is awesome. Enjoy the quiet, though. Heh. And again, congratulations!

You're welcome for the link.

I squeaked in just in time with my voter registration. Decisions, decisions...do we let our relationship with the world and our economy go to pot so we can preserve our moral values? Should our moral values even be legislated? Etc. etc. etc. We've had these discussions endlessly.

Emiliecue said...

Bryan said you e-mailed him saying you texted me it was a boy. Unfortunately I never got it, if you were using Bry's cell number, then it wouldn't have gotten through since it's disconnected while he's in Brazil :)

So here it is:
YAY! I'm so freaking excited for you guys! I understand about the just happy to have a kid thing, I would be equally excited for you guys either way :)

sixline said...

Wake me up when September ends translation: This was the first post in October. I 'woke up.'

We have up until the 20th to register in person. I think I'll fill out our stuff this weekend and have Chrissa go in on Monday. I know it's Columbus day, so we'll see if there's even anyone there.

Thanks Em. :D