big red couch

The other day my folks came up to visit and we watched a bit of the news before going to grab a bite to eat. Right now, the only seating downstairs is a really dirty old brown couch whose pillows and cushions are sunken in. It also only seats 3 comfortably. You can fit 4 on there, but your knees start to slightly touch - you know, that "Why are you touching me?" kind of feeling that creeps in and makes you wildly out your element kind of knees touching.

So Mrs. Sixline and I wanted to purchase a sectional. Furniture store prices: $1200. Creepy salesman in converted garage warehouse discount furniture store price: $900. Craiglist/Classified Ads price: $350. We went with the final option. AND, to all you penny-pinchers out there, we took this directly out of savings and did not financially compromise ourselves in the slightest.

So now there's a humongous red sectional downstairs. It's fabric and not microfiber. If the sweet old lady who sold me the couch is to be believed, the couch was show furniture in a model home that sat in the same spot in front of the window for 3 years. Long time to have a model home, I know. So anyway, it's faded as all get out but I'm sure my intelligent and prodigious wife will find a way to re-dye the furniture. There's zero stains, wear and tear marks, and no sagging at all to the cushions. It's not completely comfortable because you really need an ottoman to go with it, so I'm sure we'll be scouring Overstock.com or the same classified ads to find it. Loading up the couch into my truck was a joy- because Mrs. Sixline is expecting, I did the whole thing myself.

So now we have to find out whether or not we want to keep the brown turd, how we'll re-arrange, and whether or not that TV will end up mounted to the wall. (More than likely yes. Anyone got any pointers on mounting those things? I don't want to buy a $120 mount only to find out it blocks where I connect cables.


Eeyore said...

Tip #1: Don't buy the $120 one. Buy the $180 steal frame one. Must better.

Tip #2: Don't drill any holes in the wall. You'll put your fist through the wall enough times to run as many cables are you need.

Tip #3: Make sure you KNOW, and I mean (KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW)^100000000 that you're putting it in the right place. I would rather get a colonoscopy twice a week for the next year than move that thing again (changing TV's isn't that bad, but moving the whole setup, wires included, sucks to the nth degree).

Tip #4: Plan on at least $100 to $200 dollar extra to buy extra cables, connectors, hardware, etc.

Tip #5: Plan on it taking at least 3 times longs that you expect.

Tip #6: Get a signed contract from your wife that says, "If I have to move this TV due to any 'furniture rearrangement', 'room redecoration', 'time of the month', etc, there will be extensive back-rubs, soothing soaks in the tub, and complete pampering for at least two weeks." Add/remove from list as needed. Expect second and third revisions to be quite extensive.

Tip #7: Run a wire for every connector you have on that thing. I can promise you, you don't want to have to take it down and re-wire everything after it's up just to add one additional connection.

Overall though, it does look very nice and you wife, as mine was, will likely be very appreciative.

Witagee said...

With the new couch, and a TV like that (I'm jealous, I can't talk Mrs. Witagee into a TV like that and we're stuck with a little 20'' tube), I'm coming up with the family to watch the last of the series. Maybe we'll give you a call and come up some time soon.

Jaime said...

You didn't say you had a blog, too, when you said you'd be sure to read mine! I was going to suggest just such a thing to you, seeing as how you've traveled the world and such. Definitely blog-worthy! Well, that and couches that are discovered on Craigslist. Both quite blog-worthy! :-)

Good to be back in touch with you!