Victory is Life

Kneeling in the dark of night,
He clenched his hands and prayed

Bowed his head, opened his heart,
He dutifully obeyed.

The triumph over sin was His
For He chose a different path

When temptation rears its ugly head,
Think of the sorrows He had

Anguish and pain He remembers no more,
so long as I repent,

As long as my soul is His;
as long as my heart is rent.

Lift up your head,
be no more sad,

For you the fight is won.
Victory belongs to those who follow, believe, in God's only Son.


sixline said...

Come on people... I wrote this myself.a

Kermit~the~Frog said...

It's a good beginning.

The first two stanzas have matching meter and rhythm (couplets), as well as rhyme. The remaining stanzas wander from that path. So were you going for free or structured verse?

sixline said...

I was going for neither. I just wanted to write what I felt.