bloggers block yet again

I don't know why I feel so busy. I really shouldn't be. I'm taking fewer classes, but it still seems like I just have so much to do.

So, yeah. I don't feel a big post coming on right now. I'm a bit anxious, I get to teach for an absent professor twice this upcoming week and following week, and I don't really want to. It's a digital design course, something I haven't taken for a good 2 years. Eeyore is getting an MRI. My wife is going for a job today at 4:30. I also have to prepare for labs I TA in addition to teaching the class.

My feelings are best summed up between a conversation between myself and a good friend of mine.

Me: Man this bites. I don't want to be here.
Friend: Where would you rather be?
Me: On a yacht halfway between Tahiti and Hawaii.
Friend: Wouldn't we all...


Anonymous said...

How big is the yacht? Can it fit the 5 of us? My passport is expired.

I'd be nervewracked if I had to teach Dr. D's classes next week.

~Ubercyl, who has to post anonymously until you switch to Blogger beta. Everyone's doing it...

sixline said...

We're talking drug-lord yacht. Huge. Can fit the 50 of us.

I am nerve wracked.

Anonymous said...

Animal is eating all of your string cheese.