almost joined peta

This past weekend, Bryan and Emilie decided that they wanted a cat on Saturday. So off they whisk myself and my better half to the humane society in Salt Lake City.

Man... I felt awful there. It was really depressing to see all the animals caged up like that. The worst was the section that housed the dogs. They had a little bulletin on each cage explaining about the dog. Breed, age, sex, what commands it knew, what animals/people it was good with, as well as the last one... why it was dropped off at the shelter.

Man it was horrible to read some of those. "Don't have enough time for him." "Misbehaves too much." "Gets into garbage too much." "Too much energy."

I felt like I wanted to join PETA and just volunteer all my time to finding homes and good people to take the animals. I left feeling really bad.

I hope I never visit an orphange. I'd probably just break down and cry.


Peter said...

i know, pet places make me sad. but they are so cute but only when they are small.

chance streamed your journal so i can read it now on my friends page. woohoo.

sorry i havent called. it has been crazy. i'll try this week.

Chance said...

Heh, I hear ya. I'm glad I was stuck in some class instead of going there. But I'm ticked I missed out on the reef tanks!

Peter said...

BTW, did you know PETA means "People Eat Tasy Animals?" ;-)

ubercyl said...

I get overwhelmed with emotion at animal shelters and want to take in every stray animal, but I always come to my senses and remember I have kids, who are already a lot of work.

I've tagged you over at my blog. Hope you're having a better day.