Can I be brutally honest?

I lost the ability to say what I think when I know what I think. I slowly became aware that there are other folks out there who don't like what I say, and I'm naturally very much inclined to making folks happy. I don't like confrontation, and I don't like it when people don't like me.

You can chalk that up to whatever reason you want to, I've gone through several myself and none seem to make a whole lot of sense. I know for a fact that when pushed far enough, I do stand up for myself and so I don't consider myself coward in the traditional sense. But far too often I find myself backing down from everyday fights - arguments, mostly - because I either don't feel it's worth it or because I'm afraid of losing.

The really aggravating thing is that I spend just as much time wondering if everyone else struggles with the same thing rather than just letting it go.


Jenny said...

Other people definately struggle with that. If they don't then they are probably highly confrontational and not well liked. What you are dealing with is simply the annoyance of being an adult and being wholly responsible for censuring yourself. I wish more people would!

Chance said...

I often ask myself "is that hill worth dying on?" when it comes to certain struggles/arguments. Not sure if it helps you at all, but it's helped me a heckuva lot.

sixline said...

Jenny, it's very rare that I get encouraging comments that don't make me feel patronized.

Thank you.

Chance, you make me feel patronized. :)

phray said...

"People should get beat up for statin' their beliefs" -TMBG

sixline said...

I do like shoe horns. (The kind with teeth, that is.)