I wanted to say something important but I don't know what.

I miss my friends dearly. I miss their children and I really wish that life let us live closer.

I read on the intertubes today about DefCon, the unofficial hacker convention. Computer security has always been an interest to me; I used to download network scripts that ran attacks when I was younger. In my IRC days I used to think of myself as l33t, but I didn't know a thing. I still don't know a thing about hacking. I didn't take any computer architecture courses, but my embedded systems courses and digital systems courses make me familiar with the concepts. I've kicked around the idea of getting a book or two on hacking just to understand what it's all about. Seriously, just for understanding.


So yesterday, at the doctor's, I can't even begin to describe the wash of relief when I heard the baby's heart beat again. The doctor said she saw something between his legs, and she's laboring under the impression that it was the male organ. (I think if I write the 'p'-word my own internet filter will block my own blog... Can't have that.) So maybe it's a boy. Nice.


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Kermit~the~Frog said...

I'm going to arrogantly assume we're some of the friends you miss, and say we miss you, too.

And it's very, very likely that your child will either be a boy or a girl. I'd say guaranteed, but I just read Middlesex.

Eeyore said...

Here's a hack for you to wrap your head around (complements of DefCon). It called virtual viruses. The purpose is a virus that is actually a virtual machine monitor (VMM), so it installs itself between the hardware and the OS. The VMM runs at a higher priority level than the OS and actually has all rights to the hardware, whereas the OS only thinks it does. The VMM can prohibit instructions/programs/interrupts from being acknowledged by the CPU and can also spoof responses, making the OS believe that it did what it thought it did, when it really didn't.

This theory is what is behind blue pill/red pill (yes, DefCon == Matrix wannabe's). The idea being that the only way to discover such viruses would be to discover that there is actually a VMM on the system between the OS and the hardware. Or, as DefCon'ies would call it, a Matrix that operates between your brain and your body.

Welcome to my dissertation work. :)

sixline said...

That's unbelievable.

witagee said...

Hey there sixline-
Glad to hear you may have a little boy, and I will concede that you will have the first (name censored) male grandchild of the family. I hope you do have a boy, I think you will like it and handle it easier. But I just pray that you get a healthy little one, no matter the gender. That heartbeat, though rather mundane because we all have one, is amazingly one of the most gratifying sounds of being a father for the first time.