Gitmo, Guantanamo, whatever you want to call it.

It's wrong. We're holding people without due process of the law. We're holding people on some really shaky and highly circumstantial evidence. Torture is wrong. It's ineffective. It needs to stop.


Kermit~the~Frog said...

What kind of Mitt Romney supporter are you? We have to EXPAND Gitmo, Mr. Sixline! And then turn a blind eye to its activities. Plausible deniability all the way!


Chance said...

I'm not sure if POWs are entitled to due process, are they?

sixline said...

Which POWs, the ones who are suspected of terrorist activities or the other ones who are suspected of terrorist activities?

Where's the evidence? Screw the evidence. What are the charges? It's too blunt a knife.

Chance said...

considering that at least a third of the prisoners released from Gitmo have returned to fight on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, I'd say they were prisoners of war. But that's just me.

sixline said...

That is just you.

And as always, source?

It's debatable, Chance, I realize that. But it is not right to hold someone for fighting in a war against you. There are such things as war crimes, but it makes a heck of a lot more sense to me to have a third party judge them-- not a black hole of a detention center where there is ZERO accountability on the part of the US.

There should be no torture. Is the Constitution really a living document with principles that apply to the rights of man, or just something we use to officiate and legislate as we see fit?

Don't throw bombs. You come across as saying I'm a moron for thinking we should close it.

sixline said...

But I still love my Chance.

Eeyore said...

Let them make a oath to not fight anymore. They break it, shoot them. End of story. Much cheaper, much easier.

Besides, how much information from one person does it take to justify torturing 100? You give me an exact figure or amount, and I'll consider torturing as a viable option. And do we ever send the guy that didn't actually know anything a flower basket or something?