Before and after

Mrs. Sixline and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Hooray! She hasn't poisoned or left me yet. (Yet...)

So we were walking around DI and found this gorgeous and non particle board crafted piece of furniture. We spent our Saturday sanding, painting, and replacing hardware. I'll have to get some close ups of the hardware, but for now, let these pics suffice.



We really should have left the original hardware on the 'before' picture. I had already removed it when I remembered to snap the photo, and was too lazy to put it back on. The hardware was spendy... About $40 for everything. Plus $80 for the original piece... The local DI gets a little spendy sometimes. But hey-- like I said: No particle board. There's a thick cardboard cutout that serves as the back for it, but that seems to just keep the torsional movement limited. The drawers, panels, doors, and everything else are made of what appears to be pine. It's solid and heavy as sin. We loved the final product! Enjoy.


Jenny said...

It looks awesome!! I wish Chance didn't have such a problem with thrift stores. I am totally the type to get in to something like that. Not to mention what a steal it was. It may have been 80 but in a store something like that would be hundreds. Besides you guys got to spend the day working on it together! Happy Anniversary btw! Chance and I hit 5 years next month!

Jenny said...

Oh I forgot to ask- What are you going to use it for?

Sarah Kay said...

That's fantastic.

Chance said...

let me defend myself: I'm not against thrift store shopping :)

and beautiful job there! You've also got some replies in the RSS feed we have setup on LJ :)

sixline said...

Thanks everybody!

jenny: We're not sure. Maybe for extra food storage, seeing as how the one lacking thing of our kitchen is that there is no pantry. The cold storage is neat and all, but it's downstairs.

sarah: I'm no attorney, but I think it's neat. :D

chance: Stop whining. Thrift store shopping is cool.

Anonymous said...

YOU stop whining, putz