Atheists probably shouldn't read this...

I'm brainwashing myself.

I've come to the realization that "the world" (That's 'the Man' for all you conspiracy theorists out there) is out to get me. Suggestive lyrics are the mode d'emploi for music these days. Then there's the emotional nature to the music; it doesn't remind you of your divine nature as a son or daughter of God. It doesn't uplift, promote, engender charity, or teach anything.

Music gets into your head, and the constant barrage of imagery and soup├žon influences the way you think. I want to control what influences me and how it influences me. Alma 13 (the best chapter in the Book of Mormon and I dare you to contradict me.) teaches that priesthood holders are supposed to live their lives in such a way that those who seek Christ will recognize Him by the examples of His priesthood holders. Let your light so shine, eh?

Two days into it and I already can notice a difference in how easy it is to control my thoughts towards holier things, and how I have a higher interest in spiritual knowledge. Soon I will be a fully brainwashed card carrying Mormon.

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Kermit~the~Frog said...

Hmm, what are you now?