Something more light-hearted...

This should be fun.

These are 5 places I've been to in my life. Can you guess which is which? (They shouldn't be too hard.) I'll post the answers as a comment later on today.


Eeyore said...

I'm going to go with:

1) That museum place from the Da Vinci code.
2) A cathedral in France
3) Some snow covered mountain, also in France
4) Some river in some mountain in France.
5) That port city place you served at in your mission.

peter said...

1. the louve
2. notre dame
3. not sure
4. grand canyon
5. somewhere in san jose?

sixline said...

1. Louvre
2. Notre Dame
3. Old Faithful
4. Grand Canyon
5. Pier 39 - San Francisco

Shaun Carlson said...

So have you heard back on your job, yet?