I have a bunch of pictures online from Picasaweb.

Last Friday was the last day of Spring Break, and my neck of the woods has experienced unseasonable warmth. As such, I blew the day off and walked around the Quad on campus taking as many pictures as my nubby little fingers could handle. My camera's quite fun to play with, and since I had recently purchased a mini-tripod (that's right folks: the dollar store carries tripods) I decided to put my time to good use. It took me roughly two hours in celestial weather (between 70F-75F with a wonderfully gentle breeze) to produce 94 images. Some of these images were horrible, and some were fantastic. Sometimes when you try really hard you fail really hard. In my attempt to impress people, I was trying to get funny angles. I imagine I made more than a few people laugh as I laid on the concrete, or otherwise twisted myself into funny positions to get a decent snapshot. I was trying to be artsy. My brother in law kind of laughed at the pictures and said 'Yeah, I used to try to take really nice pictures too.' as if it were a phase I was going through, or as if I was fooling myself; fancying that I was some great photographer.

But you know something? I don't care. It felt really good. It felt fulfilling. I get walled up the drudgery of the grind. Normally, relaxing involves me on the couch watching Star Trek or sports. This kind of relaxing involved walking quite a bit in the open air and beautiful sun of an early Spring day. I wasn't trying to be Ben Crowder, Ansel Adams, or anyone else. I did it for me. I made art for me; to express what I was feeling that day.

It felt great.


Ben Crowder said...

Nice pictures! And you've hit upon the Why of art. Keep doing it for yourself. That's how you stay sincere -- and original.

But I don't think I really belong in the same sentence with Ansel Adams. Seriously. :)

sixline said...


I thought you'd like that.