Inspiration, not explanation.

My brother had a most excellent point the other day. He, my brother-in-law and I were discussing how much we should pay attention to Church books. It is my personal feeling that I'd rather just read the Standard Works themselves, and touch lightly on the writings of modern day prophets and the like. Then here comes my brother, who says "Well, I guess it depends on whether or not the book was written for inspiration, or for explanation. Most general authorities try to inspire you, not explain every little scripture to you."

I liked that. I'd rather try to figure things out as I go along, and when I need to be reminded of why I stand up, I'll pick up a general authority book.


Eeyore said...

General Authorities have that title because they present the general topics of the scriptures. So you shouldn't expect more than the basics from them.

However, it is important to realize that the talks given by the modern leaders are scripture for our day. There is no difference between a talk given by Alma and a talk given by Elder Holland. They both are of equal importance and impact in our life, so I would recommend reading from modern scripture as well.

sixline said...

Talks, yes.

But reading books to understand the scriptures regardless of authorship is something I personally prefer not to play with. I'd rather climb the hill myself.

I couldn't agree more about modern talks given.